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If you are interested in helping local families, there are plenty of opportunities. You can contribute by adopting a family or a child, or donating money or other items to the many families that don't get adopted. Every gift donated goes directly to the recipient. Every dollar donated goes directly to buying things for the families in need. Your dontations, gifts and time will be greatly appreciated knowing you've brought happiness to a child or family at a magical time of year.

Please show your support by visiting the “Giving Tree” which will be located in front of the First Step Internet offices starting the Monday following Thanksgiving.

Christmas For Kids doesn't have a year round telephone number, so please email or drop us a note via postal mail.

Christmas For Kids
PO Box 8883
Moscow, ID 83843
Suggestions? You may have an idea, service or talent we haven't thought of. We'd like to hear about it!
For more information, please contact us: christmas@moscow.com